V E Day

Some quotes from people that were living in Belton at the end of WWII

“In May 1945 we celebrated the war finishing with a bonfire on the triangle of grass at the rear of the Old Hall where the Turners lived.” (John Corby)

“Yes there were dances. The one I remember most of course was the one to celebrate the peace of the second World War. That was such a spontaneous thing, everyone came, it was such a happy occasion.” (Joan Baines, ATS Driver during the War)

“We had a wonderful time the day war ended. He killed lambs and gave us all a joint of lamb and gave us double wages and give us the day off.” When asked if they had a party Betty replied “I think we ended up at the Rutland, then the Black Horse, then Great Eastern at night.” (Betty Wade, Land Army, Working for Captain Fairhurst)

“The end of the war saw a street party with tables and chairs in the school yard” (Win Griffiths)

“8th of May – Germany beaten – two days holiday all over the country – great celebrations in most towns. Belton had a bonfire at the Hall Trees, the village children singing and dancing round it till midnight.” (Excerpt from Charlie Wadd’s Diary)

See below some pictures from the Belton VE Day celebrations in 1995, dancing, singing with song sheets, fancy dress and a street party outside the Sun Inn.

John Walker and Rosie Hunt
Beryl Redshaw and Joan Wadd
Doug, Linda and Jean Deadman
Bob & Rosemary Allen
Bernie Crouch, Alan Ross, Jon Wolloff’s granny
Peter Boyd, Sheila and Tim Storer
Elaine and Peter Boyd
Dearmans and Matt Wyatt
Mary Gilbert, Linda Bacon, Jean Turner, Joan Martin, Jim and Margaret Bacon
Alan Ross who ran the Belton Post Office in 1995
Martin Dearman, Richard Merry, Lesley Turner, ?? and Paul Turner
Clive and Millie Merry
Joan Willets, Edith Sleath, Harold Sleath, Roy Hutchins
Street Party
Street Party
Service led by Rev Willett